JSC made necessary preparations to regulate financial services by issuing the ‘Instructions for Licensing & Registration of Financial Services & Regulating them’, protect dealers in financial services companies & enhance confidence in the capital market. JSC also improved the performance & qualified natural persons undertaking financial services through designing training programs that aim to qualify them prior granting them licenses to undertake financial services to achieve highest professionalism levels, to protect investors & to activate the securities market. JSC granted many licenses to new financial companies to undertake businesses related to financial brokerage & financial consultations. Moreover, JSC licensed a number of natural persons to undertake the businesses of financial brokerage, investment manager, financial consultant, investment trustee, safe keeper & issuance manager.

The Licensing Directorate is in charge of licensing companies to perform the financial services mentioned in the Securities Law, and to accredit the natural persons through whom companies practice the licenses they acquire and renew these licenses and accreditations upon expiry of their validity period specified in Law. The Department also inspects financial services companies to ensure their compliance with the provisions of the Securities Law and regulations and instructions issued on the basis thereof.