The connection of Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) with the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) trading system allows JSC to instantly pursue all trading operations in detail taking place at the ASE. Daily reports are prepared including each of the following: trading volumes, changes in shares prices, the most traded in companies & the most fluctuated in shares prices. In addition to, details of block trades & any trade transactions resulting of the use of material fact or insiders & dealings of brokerage companies including company special trades & those of their clients. In present, JSC is developing the currently used in surveillance system to momentarily & instantly monitor & view operations & trading details.

The implementation of the Compliance Program facilitated adherence with the Law, Regulations, Instructions & decisions issued pursuant to it, such as supervision on entities subject to JSC supervision by virtue of specified requirements & procedures, implementing the Role of Law, by imposing sanctions against violators following investigation procedures & implementing the Instructions of Disclosure & Transparency by referring to violations & names of violators in publications, periodical reports & the JSC electronic website or in any other mean. JSC focused to enroot national culture & knowledge of securities & to disseminate knowledge in sanctions & in legal issues to enhance precautionary treatment. JSC also developed key means & mechanisms to facilitate receiving complaints of investors & of the public & to facilitate investigating & stating legal opinion on these complaints at utmost efficiency & speed.


Enhance Disclosure & Transparency

To ensure that issuing companies comply with specified dates stated in the Securities Law & the Instructions of Disclosure, JSC pursues the commitment of public shareholding companies to disclose preliminary business results, annual reports & semi-annual data. It also forces companies to disclose material facts of any key event concerning investors & affecting the price of a security. JSC enforcement of the Instructions of Disclosure & companies increased awareness have contributed to companies increased adherence to disclose data & annual reports as is stipulated by these Instructions & to impose sanctions on violating companies that have not provided the JSC with periodic data within specified dates in these Instructions, particularly after implementing the Securities Law no. 76 for the year 2002.

Licensing & Registration

JSC made necessary preparations to regulate financial services by issuing the ‘Instructions for Licensing & Registration of Financial Services & Regulating them’, protect dealers in financial services companies & enhance confidence in the capital market. JSC also improved the performance & qualified natural persons undertaking financial services through designing training programs that aim to qualify them prior granting them licenses to undertake financial services to achieve highest professionalism levels, to protect investors & to activate the securities market. JSC granted many licenses to new financial companies to undertake businesses related to financial brokerage & financial consultations. Moreover, JSC licensed a number of natural persons to undertake the businesses of financial brokerage, investment manager, financial consultant, investment trustee, safe keeper & issuance manager.

Continuous Inspection on Financial Services Companies

Within JSC efforts to disseminate the culture of investment in Jordanian securities & encourage the habit of saving among Jordanian citizen, JSC conducted meetings & seminars continuously to various local sectors. During the first quarter of the current year, JSC held a series of meetings with officers from the Jordanian Arab Army & Armed Forces. Seminars were also held with the local economic press, Jordanian Universities & third secondary students from various public & private schools. And, to encourage foreign investment, JSC participated in exhibitions on the Arab & international levels & paid working visits to display key features of investment in the ASE. To serve customers & receive their complaints, JSC established an office for this purpose the ‘Customer Service Office’. The office aims to provide necessary services to investors & concerned people in the capital market. It also, provides financial data & periodical reports of listed companies on the ASE. A special section is also available, to receive investors complaints & register them in a record dedicated to this purpose. This section also, investigates & pursues complaints by a special committee that handles & resolves any problem.