Prohibited Duties and Practices

1. A person must respond to the Authority's requests, whether by submitting the necessary documents or documents, or by appearing to testify.
2. No person may order the purchase or exchange of securities with the aim of owning more than 40% of the securities issued by a public source, except by way of a public acquisition offer.
3. It is not permissible to engage in financial services business represented by brokerage, investment trustee, investment manager, financial advisor, issuance manager, financial services companies, and custodian unless after obtaining a license from the Authority.
4. It is not permissible to conduct any activity based on the accumulation of investors’ funds and dealing with them as a single unit for the purpose of investing them in securities, managing them and sharing in the profits, except through a joint investment fund or an investment company.
5. It is not permissible to trade securities or induce others to trade them based on inside information.
6. It is not permissible to exploit inside or confidential information to achieve material or moral gains for him or for others.
7. It is not permissible to disclose inside information to anyone other than its competent reference or the judiciary.
8. It is prohibited for any person to spread or promote rumors or give misleading or incorrect information, data or statements that may affect the price of any security or the reputation of any issuer.
9. It is prohibited for any person to influence transactions related to securities, whether alone or in collusion with others, with the intent of giving an incorrect picture of the price or trading volume of any security or the price or trading volume of any other related security.
10. A person shall not deceive or mislead in connection with the Securities.
11. Every non-Jordanian person who wishes to publicly offer securities inside the Kingdom, and a Jordanian who wishes to offer securities outside the Kingdom must obtain the approval of the Commission.
12. Any person who owns or has at his disposal (5%) or more for the first time from any security of a single issuing company shall inform the Authority in writing within one week from the date of this occurrence and he shall inform the Authority in writing when he owns any additional percentage of (1%) within a week from the date of this occurrence, and he shall disclose his intention to buy when the percentage (10%) is reached.
13. A person who wishes to own (5%) or more of the capital of a financial services company must submit a written application to the Authority, stating the objectives he seeks to achieve as a result of this acquisition, along with all relevant facts.
14. Any person must comply with the requirements of the prospectus specified by the Authority.