Mr. Mansour Haddadin assumed several duties prior to joining the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) in September 1st.2012 as Deputy Chairman as follows:
In September 1st.2007 to August 31st.2012, Mr. Haddadin assumed his duties as a Commissioner at the (JSC).

In 1966, Mr. Haddadin assumed several duties at the Ministry of Finance & represented the government of Jordan in a number of institutions, companies, committees & some Arab & international events. Mr. Haddadin last post at the Ministry was the Director of Finance.

In 1982 to 1990, Mr. Haddadin represented the Ministry of Finance in the Administrative Committee of the Amman Financial Market due to Mr. Haddadin previous experiences in securities.

In November 1st.1991 Mr. Haddadin assumed his duties as the General Director of the Income Tax Department for 8 continuous years, during which Mr. Haddadin enormously developed the Department, through increasing geographical distribution of Tax Services Offices to be available to everyone in the Kingdom, recruited the necessary qualified staff to perform the required duties & implemented integrated information & computer systems in the Department.

In 2000 & 2001 Mr. Haddadin was a lecture in the Faculties of Law & Business Administration at the University of Jordan & established a private company to provide Tax Consultations.

In September 1st.2002 Mr. Haddadin assumed his duties as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Amman Stock Exchange till August 31st.2007.

Mr. Haddadin took part in many training courses in Jordan & abroad.

Mr. Haddadin is a holder of a B.A in Law from the University of Damascus from the Syrian Arab Republic & an MA in Comparative Law from George Washington University from the United States of America.