Article Eight, Paragraph B of Securities Law No. 18 of 2017 stipulates the main tasks and powers that the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) will undertake in order to achieve its objectives, and include the following tasks and powers:
1- Organizing and controlling the issuance and dealing in securities.
2- Ensuring that issuers fully and accurately disclose the material information necessary to investors and related to public issues of securities.
3- Regulating and monitoring disclosure, including periodic reports prepared by issuers.
4- Regulating licensing and accreditation affairs and monitoring the work of licensees and approved persons in the capital market.
5- Adopting financial solvency standards for financial services companies in accordance with a regulation issued for this purpose.
6- Regulating and monitoring the financial market and the stock trading markets.
7- Organizing and monitoring the center.
8- Regulating mutual funds and investment companies.

Since its establishment, the JSC has been setting and developing the regulations and legislation in force in the capital market to raise the degree of safety and transparency in the market. Where it issued instructions to regulate the disclosure of companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange about information that helps investors in making their investment decision, as well as issuing instructions regulating financial services business. The JSC follows up on the compliance of the entities subject to its supervision with the Securities Law, its regulations and instructions, and takes the necessary legal measures against violators in order to enhance the rule of law and fairness of dealing.
The JSC aims to provide the appropriate atmosphere to achieve safe dealing in securities, monitor the market and protect securities holders, investors and the public from any improper dealings. In order to achieve these goals, the Authority shall supervise the Amman Stock Exchange, the Securities Depository Center, financial services companies, public shareholding companies, investment funds and accredited specialists in the financial field. The Authority is also committed to providing protection to investors, developing the market, and implementing instructions for disclosing information related to the stock market.

The JSC is also working to secure protection for investors, develop capital market legislation to raise the degree of safety and transparency in it, apply disclosure instructions, spread the culture of investment, and follow up on the compliance and adherence of the entities subject to its supervision to the law and regulations in order to enhance the rule of law and fairness of dealing to upgrade the capital market to the ranks of advanced financial markets in accordance with the tasks entrusted to the law The Authority, most notably:

1. Issuing legislations that contribute to the regulation and development of the capital market and help provide an appropriate climate for investment in securities.
2. Providing transparency and disclosure in the stock market, and providing the investor with all the necessary information he needs to make his investment decision, whether it is related to the performance of the companies issuing securities, the trading process, or the bodies subject to the supervision of the JSC.
3. Working on developing the necessary financial services in the capital market, upgrading the level of existing services, and setting the necessary conditions for their provision.
4.Organizing and encouraging the establishment of mutual investment funds and setting appropriate legislation for them, which contributes to providing investment opportunities for small investors and efficient investment management, in addition to their great flexibility and ability to diversify their investments, which reduces their exposure to risks in general.
5.Implementing international standards in the capital market and its institutions, through the latest standards related to disclosure or electronic trading, or electronic preservation and settlement of securities prices, accounting standards and international auditing standards for entities subject to the JSC’s control.
6.Adopting the standards of professional conduct for the employees of the Authority, the Stock Exchange, the Depository Center and its members.
7.Imposing deterrent penalties against violators and perpetrators of prohibited acts.
8.Raising awareness of investors and the public in general about the national capital market and its institutions, and investing in securities.
9.Providing continuous training for the JSC’s staff and workers in the Stock Exchange and the Depository Center, and upgrading their scientific and professional level, in addition to paying attention to training workers in financial services companies, their licensees and those who are accredited, and focusing on raising their practical and professional efficiency.
10.Receive and investigate complaints from the public and investors and take appropriate measures, including imposing penalties on those who violate the provisions of the law and the regulations and instructions issued pursuant thereto.
11.Strengthening the regulatory bodies over the entities subject to the Authority's control, and the daily control of trading in the Amman Stock Exchange.

JSC's Objectives 

Article 8, Paragraph A of Securities Law No. 18 of 2017 stipulates the objectives that the Commission must achieve, which are:
1- Protection of investors in securities.
2- Regulating and developing the capital market to ensure justice, efficiency and transparency.
3- Protecting the capital market from the risks that it may be exposed to.

Entities subject to the JSC's control

1.Amman Stock Exchange.
2.Securities Depository Center.
3.Securities-issuing companies.
4.Financial services companies and their licensors.
5.Mutual funds and investment companies.