The Commission aims to protect investors in securities and to develop legislations relevant to the capital market to enhance transparency and implement the Instructions of Disclosure. Moreover, the Commission aims to disseminate awareness in the investment culture and follow up that parties subject to its supervision, adhere to the law and regulations to enhance the rule of law.

The Commission aims to:

  1. Issue legislations that regulate and develop the capital market and assist in providing a proper environment for investing in securities.
  2. Provide the investor with all necessary information needed to support his investment decision, including transparency and disclosure whether for issuing companies performance or for the trading process or for parties subject to the Commission’s monitoring and supervision.
  3. Develop the necessary financial services of the capital market.
  4. Promote the establishment of mutual funds and regulate these funds to provide investment opportunities for small investors and efficient investment management.
  5. Implement up to date international standards in the capital market and related entities for disclosure, electronic trading, electronic keeping and price settlement of securities, as well as up-to-date International Accounting and Auditing Standards on parties subject to the JSC monitoring and supervision.
  6. Accredit the Standards of Professional Conduct for people working at the JSC, ASE, SDC, and their members.
        Improve penalties on violators of the Law and those who commit prohibited acts.
  7. Disseminate awareness among investors and the public in general in issues relevant to the national capital market and its entities, as well as other issues related to investing in securities.
  8. Receive and investigate complaints from the public and investors, to undertake proper procedures by imposing penalties on violators of the provisions of Law, instructions, and regulations issued pursuant to it.
  9. Enhance monitoring software on parties subject to the JSC surveillance and enhance daily supervision on trading at the ASE.
  10. Provide continuous training for JSC staff and for people working at the ASE and SDC to enhance their academic and professional levels, in addition to people working in licensed financial services companies and registered persons.