Dear Investor...

Some speculators sometimes seek to exploit electronic forums and the media to direct the market for their own benefit by providing stock price forecasts without relying on objective financial analyzes that do not depend on broadcast or published forecasts and are not supported by the opinions of impartial analysts who are known for their integrity.

Applied Measures
Investors are guided by some technical measures to enable them to purchase shares on reasonable prices. One of these measures is the price to earning ratio (P/E Ratio), its market price to accounting profits of which can be calculated by dividing the company’s current share price to the earning per share (EPS).

Future Planning
The difference between a fully aware investor and a speculator, is that the first shall have a long term future plan. While the other wishes to gain high returns promptly.

An investor in the financial market, is a person who wishes to gain profitable returns in fields of industry, trade and services. He is concerned in the long run and pays no attention to daily price fluctuations. He is concerned in the general trend of the market index and shares on the long run. The investor is also fully aware that share prices will not remain the same depending on the market cycle of ups and downs.

Information Leak Phenomena
The Information leak phenomena to certain types of investors - made by some insiders in Board of Directors and directors - is an unethical behavior that violates laws and jeopardizes the national economy.

Investment Portfolios
If you haven’t sufficient experience in the stock market, you can invest in licensed funds or investment portfolios after viewing their performance and policies. These funds and portfolios have highly qualified staff to run your financial affairs. They also diversify investments and minimize risks.

Sound Decision Making
It is preferable not to follow your emotions when you buy or sell shares. Let your decisions be sound, set a clear investment plan, in which you realize your goals and policies to invest or not in the market.

Herd Policy
You will harm your investments if you follow people in whatever they do or decide. Share prices will vary from time to time. You may lose your money when you purchase shares at a high price and sell shares at a low price.

Pursue Companies Performance
It is advised to make your investment decision on either to sell or purchase shares on the bases of pursuing companies’ performance and viewing company’s financial statements which include the general budget, income and cash flow statements. You can also benefit from periodic disclosures and announced financial statements in either the press or on capital market institutions websites. If this is unobtainable, it is preferable to consult a financial consultant or a specialized entity in financial and technical shares analysis.

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